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Etiwanda: The First 100 Years $10.00

64 pages

Published 1982

This book begins with 1870 Etiwanda and contains hundreds of photos of Etiwanda through the years.  The last four pages show Etiwanda Wineries and Etiwanda Wine Labels and map of winery locations.

Light Over the Mountain by Donald L. Clucas


First comprehensive book on the history of Rancho Cucamonga.

Books About Etiwanda's History

Letters of Thomas Donnelly and Floss Dooley 


He lived in Etiwanda and she was in Illlinois.  Read the letters that were exchanged in 1910 and 1911 between this pioneer Etiwanda couple.  A wonderful primary source for studying local and U.S. History.

 A History of Etiwanda by Robert L. Hickox


281 pages

Published 1981

​By far the most comprehensive book about Etiwanda's history. A "must- have" for every resident of Etiwanda.

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